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Why Sponsor the Arts Pusher Project?

That is a very fair question, and we are happy to answer you. We are seeking sponsors for this series of projects for several reasons. The first is that we believe in the power of our community. Together we can accomplish far more than any one of us could alone. When the community invests in the arts, the community thrives. The second reason we are seeking sponsors has to do with participation. Not everyone can create a work of art for one of our shows. But we know that people want to take part. By sponsoring a project, you add your voice to the conversation. And the final reason we are seeking sponsors is the most simple of all: We need you. Projects at this scale cannot be undertaken lightly or without resources. We can't do it alone. And we wouldn't want to. Below you will find a list of unique, artist-created premiums available to you in gratitude for your sponsorship dollars.

Why are you not a 501c(3)?

Another fair question. The reason we are sticking with a 'for-profit' model is that we do not want to be dependent upon sponsorship and outside funding sources for long. We will still seek sponsors because of our belief in community participation, but we want to secure the future of the Project through its own means in every way possible. Each expansion produces a product that we can market and sell. Our goal with these sales is to provide a source of revenue for the Project and its expansion of arts in communities around the nation, as well as for the artists who agree to particpate. In order to successfully push the arts, we must create a sustainable business model. Our team feels that this is more attainable through 'for-profit' business practices. Clearly we also believe strongly in the value of giving back to our community. One of the primary goals of the Project is provide support to non-profit groups that seek to educate and provide access to the arts. We will do this finacially with a portion of our proceeds, as well as physically by providing skilled volunteers to any orginization that needs us. 

Funding Goal For Expansion 1 - Collaborating with Hunter Ingalls


Project Description

The Arts Pusher Project has the intention of facilitating a sense of community and collaboration among Amarillo’s artistic community through group shows, collaborative shows, art education programs, and community events.

Expansion 1 is a multi-phase project. The first phase of this expansion includes an exhibition and communal art project on Feb. 9th, 2012 at Process Art House.

25 artists were assigned poems from the collection Hunter Ingalls, a poet and catalyst of the art community who passed away a few years ago. Each artist is responding to the poem assigned through their medium of choice.

In Phase 2, all visual works will be paired with their corresponding poems in a book to be pubslished mid 2012. We are reclaiming our creative culture.

Project Rewards

1$ - Recognition on website and in the book of your support 
20$ - Same as above plus your choice of a button or window sticker 
50$ - Same as above plus a hand made t-shirt 
100$ - Same as above plus custom art piece and copy of the book
250$ - Same as above plus recognition on all promotional materials 
500$ - Same as above plus full color logo on all promotional materials 
1000$ - Same as above plus signed limited edition of the book 
2500$ - Same as above plus listing as Primary Sponsor 

Click the link below to process your sponsorship securely through Paypal.


Legal Disclaimer: If the project raises more funds than necessary for this specific event, it reserves the right to redirect those funds to other projects in the name of the Arts Pusher Project or used in other ways approved by the committee.